Best Ad-Blockers For iPhone, iPad Which You Can Use


Surfing web on your iPhone, iPad can be annoying with so many ads popping. If you don’t like to see ads while surfing the Internet on iOS devices, install ad-blockers.

Ad-blockers are available for a download from the App Store and can block ads on Safari.

To use Ad-blockers you will have to enable it by going to the Settings App on iPhone, iPad once you have downloaded.

Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone, iPad 

How To Use Ad-blocker In iOS 10 On iPhone, iPad

Once you have downloaded Ad-blocker on your iPhone, iPad you will have to have to turn it on by going to the Settings App on your iOS device.

Launch the Settings App on iPhone, iPad.

Tap on Safari by scrolling down.

tap on safari

Tap on Content Blockers.

tap on content blockers


Enable the Content Blocker of your preference.  (If you have installed more than one Content Blocker)


enable content blocker


Surf Web Ads Free With These Best Ad-Blockers In iOS 10 On iPhone, iPad

1. Crystal

best ad-blockers for iphone

Crystal is one of the best Ad-blockers which you can install on your iPhone, iPad. The app lets you add your favorite websites to whitelist and blocks ads which are annoying and clutter the whole screen.

The Acceptable Ads feature in the app allows you help other blogs to generate revenue from ads.

Crystal Ad-block enhances your web browsing experience by making web pages in Safari load faster, save data and protect your iPhone from malware.

Crystal Ad-block is priced at $0.99.

Download Crystal Ad-block


2. 1Blocker

best ad-blockers for iphone.1Blocker


1Blocker is of the best ad-blockers for iPhone, iPad which has been downloaded by more than a million of users globally. 1Blocker comes with various customization options which include blocking ads, trackers, widgets, comments and more.

You can add your favorite websites to whitelist while blocking other websites.

The pro version of the ad-blocker is priced at $4.99 and allows you create your own blocker rules, whitelist sites in Safari and sync your ad-block settings across your iOS using iCloud.

iBlocker is available for a free download from the App Store.

Download iBlocker


3. Block Ad by NeverAds

best ad-blockers for iphone.Block Ad by NeverAds


If you are looking for a simple ad-block for your iPhone then Block Ad by NeverAds is the right choice for you. The app removes annoying image ads and video ads from the Safari,  improves your web browsing speed and saves data.

Block Ad by NeverAds can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Download Block Ad by NeverAds 


4. AdBlock

best ad-blockers for iphone.AdBlock

AdBlock uses the VPN connection on your iPhone, iPad to block ads on Safari and other apps. The app works with both the Wi-Fi and cellular networks, no need to setup for every network.

To Setup ABblock on your iPhone:

Install and launch AdBlock for iPhone, iPad.

Swipe up moving the orange box from the bottom of the screen.

Install the VPN profile.

AdBlock blocks all the ads which include the ads while you are surfing the web or playing free games which support ads.

The app protects your privacy and does not send your Internet traffic to its server.

AdBblock can be downloaded for $1.99 from the App Store.

Download AdBlock 


Do you use Ad-blockers on your iPhone, iPad to boost productivity and protect yourself from malware? does not support Ad-Blockers, like many other websites/blogs depends on ads to generate revenue.




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