7 Cool Lock Screen Replacement Apps For Android


Want to customize the lock screen of your Android? There are many apps to customize the lock screen of your Android, few best apps are listed below.

1. WidgetLocker Lockscreen : WidgetLocker is one of the best app which enables you to customize feel and layout of your lock screen. Drag and drop widgets and shortcuts to be placed. The app comes with a Slider feature which can be customized to do a particular task like to launch camera or to make call to a particular friend. The app can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of $2.99.

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2. Quick Launch : Quick Launch is a free app in Google Play which enables you to add any widget from your device such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Music player, missed calls and notifications alerts, task lists can be added and accessed easily by pressing unlock. The developer is looking forward to some beta testers who will test new features such as changing wallpapers and click to access camera.

Lock Screen Replacement Apps Android

3. GOTO Lockscreen: It is one of the cool app to replace lock screen on your Android.The app puts your missed calls, SMS , Gmail and local weather on your lockscreen as an icon. You can preview them by moving slider arrow over the particular icon and when you release the arrow you go directly to app. The app is available at a price of $1.49.

4. LockMenu: LockMenu enables you configure up to nine sliders to launch any app you want from the lock screen of your Android and works more or less like WidgetLocker with new slider. App can be downloaded for free, paid version is also available with no ads.

5. myLock utilities: myLock utilities is a free app in Google Play with which lets you to quick unlock, incoming call options, and in-call touchscreen lock. The app bypasses the unlock slider when screen is turned on. App simple is not a fancy one, no harm in trying it as it is available for free in Google Play.

6. MagicLocker Main: MagicLocker Main is one of the simple yet colorful lock screen app for your Android. You get to customize your lock screen by choosing from various fonts, wallpapers, clock and music controls options. Download app for free from Google Play.

7. LockBot Pro: LockBot Pro lets you to customize your device lock screen by choosing from various themes available. You also get to change unlock sound and customize clock style. It is paid app, free version of app is also available.

Which is your favorite lock screen app for Android? Do comment and share!


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