6 Best Apps To Speed Up Your Android

Want to boost up your Android ? Many times we install apps, games, music, videos and more on Android devices which can slow down your device and hence decrease over all efficiency. Listed below are best apps to speed up your Android. You should remember that few apps may require rooted device, which will void warranty of your device. You can try Android Games to kill boredom.

1. 1Tap Cleaner: 1Tap Cleaner is a free app to clear cache of your Android. The app has four cleaners- Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner, Default Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner. The app lets you to manually clean cache files of your device for which you have selected or can also clear cache of all files. It also has the feature to auto clear the cache in which you can schedule the app to clear cache of your device in a defined time interval by itself. You don’t need a rooted device to use the app.

2. Memory Booster: Memory Booster by Imoblife Inc. increases empty space of your RAM and hence speeds up your device. The app has feature which lets you to monitor and check Real-Time memory Status of your device. One-Click Quick Memory Boosting lets you to manually select processes to speed your device. Other features include Task Killer, Whitelist Manager, Memory Boost Log to free up more memory space.

Speed Boosters for Android

3. Android Assistant: Android Assistant is perhaps one of the best app which will help you in managing your device efficiently. It lets you to monitor CPU, Memory and Status of your device. The quick booster feature kills the selected processes to speed up your system and the process manager lets you to manually choose and remove processes which are not required. With Startup Manager you can easily block unwanted processes from running in the background while your device starts, hence ultimately boosting speed.

4. Android Booster FREE: Android Booster is another popular free app to optimize your Android effectively. It has features which include One-click optimization, Battery Manager, File Manager, Task Manager and more. However, you should not use this app if you have already installed Juice Defender, Battery Booster, RAM Booster & Battery Power Booster.

5. CPU tuner: CPU tuner is for rooted Android devices with main purpose of saving the battery. It also lets you to under clock or over clock your CPU as per your requirement.

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6. JuiceDefender: Juice Defender by Latedroid has been downloaded more than 7,000,000 times. It has simple and easy UI which extends the battery of your device. Major features includes 2G/3G toggle automation, WiFi toggle automation along with Auto-Disabling option, WiFi Control, Comprehensive Connectivity Scheduling and more.

Which apps you use to speed up your Android ?


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