6 Awesome Automotive iPhone Apps


Apple’s App Store has more than billion apps, there are many useful apps which are exclusive for the car drivers to make driving enjoyable. We have a list of best automotive apps for iPhone.

Awesome Automotive iPhone Apps

1. Gas Buddy: If you are searching for cheap gas then GasBuddy is the right app for your iPhone. The app locates gas stations which are offering competitive price by zip code or by using your iPhone’s GPS. More than 32 million car drivers are using GasBuddy to save money while they refill gas. Users also get a chance to participate in prize give-away. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.

2. Trapster: Trapster is another free automotive iPhone app having more than 20 million users which lets you to avoid speed traps and traffic cameras as you drive. The app provides 3D Maps and 3D buildings with retina display with the option of live traffic updates.

best automotive iphone apps

3. RepairPal: RepairPal is an award wining app which lets you to quickly get a repair estimate and also to find a mechanic near your area. The free iPhone app provides you with round-the-clock car emergency and keeps your car repair history accurate and up-to-date. The app uses your iPhone’s GPS locator zip code or zip code to find your location.

4. iLeaseMyCar Pro: iLeaseMyCar Pro is useful for those who are looking forward to shop for a new car. The app lets you to find monthly payment of your car loan by adding all the required details. You are required to input information such as as loan amount, interest rate, sales tax, down payment, bank fee, license fee, and so on. The app is priced at $1.99 in iTunes App Store and helps you to make the right choice to buy car.

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5. iFind My Car: iFind My Car app is priced at $0.99 and requires iOS 7.0 and above. To use the app you will have to enable Location Services. Launch the app and tap the “Pin Car” button to record your current location. The app uses the GPS of your device to find your location. To return to your car launch the app again and hit the “Walk Me” button and it will vibrate when your car is in sight.

6. Dynolicious Classic: Dynolicious lets you to find your car’s 0-60 acceleration, horsepower, lateral G’s, quarter-mile time and many more using accelerometer of iPhone. The app lets you to save a history of your test results also. With built in social function you can upload performance level of your car ride to Facebook and Twitter. Dynolicious Classic is priced at $8.99 and lets you to find performance data of your car ride easily.

Have you tried any of the above Automotive apps for iPhone? Do share your views!

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