6 Best CDN To Speed Up WordPress


Website Speed is important for better user experience and more over to get better position in Google search results as Google is taking site load speed in to consideration. Website owners want to have faster loading web pages, Content Delivery Network (CDN) may come to your rescue in reducing webpage load times.

In this article we will be going through best Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress. Before we go ahead with list of best CDN for WordPress, lets us find out the benefits of using CDN.

Benefits of using CDN

It is better to use Content Delivery Network(CDN) for your website, a CDN saves bandwidth costs from your hosting provider, the speed of the site is increased which leads to enhanced user experience and gets higher rank in Google.

1. MaxCDN: MaxCDN is a popular and trusted CDN provider for WordPress hosted sites. You can easily set up site your WordPress site with MaxCDN using W3 Total Cache Plugin. It provides If you are looking forward to a Paid CDN option then you should go for MaxCDN.


Pricing: $9 monthly for 100GB bandwidth. For 1TB bandwidth you will have to pay $79 monthly.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon offers two services – Amazon S3 is simple online budget backup solution which is ideal for sites having traffic mostly from US.

Amazon CloudFront offers CDN services mainly to developers and businesses so that they can distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds and no commitments.

Amazon Web Services

Pricing: No minimum fee. Pay for what you use. You can check pricing details by going to the site.

3. CloudFlare: CloudFlare is one of the best free CDN services for websites powered by 28 data centers located all over the world to protect and accelerates millions of websites. CloudFlare is in business for more than 15 years. One of the feature of the service is that you are not being charged on the basis of bandwidth but on number of website basis. Along with the the CDN service, CloudFlare also provides security services to websites by protecting against spam and DDoS attacks, MySQL injections and more.


The analytics service provides you insight to your traffic in detail including threats and search engine crawlers which is often ignored by other Analytics. It also has CloudFlare apps which makes installing web apps on your website faster.

Pricing: CloudFlare Pro is $20 per month for first website and for additional websites you will be required to pay $5 every month.

4. RackSpace Cloud Files: Rackspace is another best CDN for WordPress which is built on and optimized for open-source technologies having 9 data centers globally. It enables you to store even large files and delivers your files around the world at extremely fast speed over a worldwide content delivery network (CDN). They also provide a guide to integrating a Content Delivery Network with WordPress.

Rackspace Cloudfiles

Pricing: Price is per-GB and it starts at 10 cents per TB for storage, and 18 cents for 10 TB for CDN. Billing monthly.

5. CacheFly: CacheFly boasts of world’s fastest Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivering rich-media content at a blazing fast rate. It offers a 10MB and 100 MB static speed test file to try their speed. CacheFly comes with a ten minute setup and real-time monitoring. However, on the downside, CacheFly is a trusted CDN network but expensive.


Pricing: Plus Plan is at $99 per month with 256 GB of bandwidth transfer.

6. SoftLayer: SoftLayer is a cloud computing Infrastructure Company acquired by IBM in the year 2013 offering fast and reliable high quality content delivery network. It distributes content of users in 24 nodes so that the distance the data has to travel to reach to end user is less.


Pricing: You pay for the bandwidth used. CDN Bandwidth $0.12/GB monthly.

What is your take on best CDN for WordPress?

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