5 Best CSS Preprocessors To Speed Up Coding


CSS Preprocessors are used by developers to build CSS faster which speeds up your Web development workflow. CSS Preprocessors provide developers which features which are not present in CSS which include variables, constants and syntax. If you are a Web developer don’t forget to check out best CSS Preprocessors to speed up your coding.

1. Sass:

Sass is an extension of CSS3, one of the most popular and best CSS Preprocessor used by developers and works with all versions of CSS. Sass is an open source project for about 8 years and requires Ruby.

Sass has two syntaxes:

.Sass: the old syntax

.SCSS: a new syntax


2. Less :

Less is another best CSS Preprocessors which was originally written in Ruby and then ported to JavaScript and other Programming languages .

Installing Less on server is easy via npm and can run on the client-side and server-side.

Less has third party tools which enables developers to compile files and see the changes.


3. Stylus:

Stylus is the third most popular CSS Preprocessors after Saas and Less and open-source project which is being hosted on GitHub. Stylus syntax does not require brackets, colons, semicolons, users can use plain CSS.


4. Myth:

Myth requires Node.js and lets you to write future CSS syntax today so that when features like variables are supported by all browsers you will not have to write the codes again. Myth is fast and is being dubbed as a CSS polyfill. Myth is based on Rework.

To install Myth you require NodeJS and NPM installed on your Operating System.


5. Rework:

Rework is simple and fast CSS Preprocessor which is being built on Node.js. It lets you to create your own own CSS Preprocessor.

It has some great collection of plugins and mixins which can be used to write parsing functions. Developers can also write their own plugins for Rework easy way.

Other popular CSS Preprocessor includes CSS Preprocessor, Switch CSS and Clay.

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What CSS Preprocessor do you use for coding?

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