6 Best DJ Apps For Android


Smartphones have changed the way we live our life today. If you are in a mood for a party, listed below are best DJ apps for Android which will enable you to become DJ of the party and rock the party. If you are iPhone user, become DJ for your friends with Turntable.fm app for iPhone.

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6 Best iPhone music apps

Best DJ apps for Android

1. Party Mixer: Party Mixer is a free and simple app that lets you to mix music like a pro DJ in the party. You have the option of preparing your own playlist of songs and dragging and dropping the song which you want to any one of the two decks. You also get the option to enable Auto DJ feature to automatically mix songs for you.

party mixer

2. DJ Studio 5: DJ Studio 5 is one the most recommended and popular DJ app for Android which has been downloaded for over more than 10.000.000 times. The app is user friendly, designed especially for Nexus devices, lets you to edit and re-order your playlist, live record your mixes with mic along with the auto-mix feature and much more. You can share your music mixes on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The app is available for a free download from Google Play.

DJ Studio 5

3. Virtual DJ Turntable Pro: Virtual DJ Turntable Pro is a paid DJ Android app which is compatible with almost all Android devices running on Android 2.3 and above. The app requires you to plug your Android device to your DJ mixer to mix songs. The key features includes music browser, 3-Band equalizer with Kill and reset switches, intuitive DJ Controls. Show off your DJ skills in professional performance modes and options.

Virtual DJ Turntable Pro

4. DJ: DJ app for Android by Spartacus Rex is one of the popular DJ apps having the feature of twin mixing decks in a super smooth 50fps OpenGL environment. The Network feature of the app lets you to link your multiple Android devices. One of the major feature of the app is AUTO-BPM detection and auto pitch set with both decks pitch enabled for free.

DJ app

5. Pocket DJ Vintage: Pocket DJ Vintage app is designed for low end Android devices to show off DJ skills. Though the app is devoid of advanced features but still it has basic features such as Twin DJ deck on one screen, scratch effect, cross fading to name a few. The app is available for a download from Google Play at a price of $2.49.

Pocket DJ Vintage

6. DJPad Free Turntable DJ Mixer: DJPad Free Turntable DJ Mixer is one of the best DJ app for your Android. The app has a super-fast 3D accelerated interface, scratch ‘turntables’and has support audio formats which includes including FLAC, MP3, AAC, WAVE and OGG. Basic features of the app consists of 3-band EQ, multitouch mixer and master/mix split output for headphone cueing.

DJPad Free Turntable DJ Mixer

Do you like to party with your friends? Which is your favorite DJ app for Android? Do share your views!

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