8 Best Font Apps For iPhone And iPad


Are you a Web designer on Go, here is the list of best Font Apps for iPhone and iPad for Typography lovers and Web designers. You can also check out list on Best Android apps for web developers.

Font Maker app

Best Font Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. Font Maker: Font Maker app lets you to create your own fonts. Customize your fonts and use them for writing your messages. Show you work to your friends in Facebook and Twitter. The app is available for a free download for iPhone and iPad.

2. FontBrowser: FontBrowser is a very useful app for software developers,colorists, Web designers and others as it is a Unicode font browser, color browser, and keyboard keystroke browser. The app boasts of more than 19,000 characters in the Unicode font, 9,600 named colors, and 1,900 X11 keyboard codes. Go ahead and download the app for free from App Store.

3. 100 Best Fonts: With 100 Best Fonts app you can input any text and see how the text will look like in a list of more than 100+ fonts. This is a very useful app for Web designers. The app can be downloaded at a price of $1.99.

4. Font Gallery: Font Gallery app for iPad can be downloaded for just $0.99. The app lets you to browse fonts included in your iPad, list letter and symbol of fonts and provides you with Wikipedia article about that font.

5. WhatTheFont: WhatTheFont is a free app which identifies any font instantly. To find the font just take the photo of the font from your iPhone and get details of the font within the app itself. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

5. Font Dresser Free: As the name suggests, Font Dresser Free is a free app which lets you to edit text, save the text and customize it by changing font style, background ,color and send them as email to your friends. Go ahead and try this app on your iPhone 5.

6. Typography: Typography is an interesting font app for your iPhone as it uses random sets of letters and numbers from your Flickr account and email to to recipients as per your choice. The app is great combination of typography and photography. To use the app type your message and preview it. Each message is linked to an image in Flickr. Quite amazing, the app is available at $0.99 in App Store.

7. Fonts: Fonts app is a free app which displays font of your device and is quite useful for Web developers as they are able to see point sizes of fonts.

8. TypeDrawing: TypeDrawing for iPhone is one of the best typography app which enables you to create typography art and watermarks on your photo easily. You can save your photos and share them via email or Twitter to your friends or transfer them in PDF format. The app is worth at a price of $1.99 for iPhone. The app is also available for iPad users at a price of $2.99.

Have you tried any of the above Fonts App for iPhone and iPad?

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