10 Best Google Reader Alternatives


Google Reader will shut down on July 1, 2013, its the time to look for RSS reader alternatives. Listed below are few best Google Reader alternatives.

Best Google Reader Alternatives

1. Feedly: Feedly is RSS feed reader for web browsers through browser plugins for Chrome and FireFox along with iOS and Android platforms. You can sync Feedly on your smartphone, tab or desktop, save articles across your devices and share them on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

2. Newsblur: Newsblur is another free Google Reader alternative available for web, iOS and Android devices with option for import Google Reader tool. Newsblur allows you to read content in its original form, the way it is in actual site. Share stories with friends, and highlight stories that you are interested while you can hide those which are of no interest. The basic version is free with limit on feeds which you can follow whereas premium version is without any limit with only $1 per month.

3. Netvibes: Netvibes is browser based RSS reader which is similar to Google Reader. It provides real-time monitoring of your feeds and can be easily accessed from iPad iPhone or mobile. It has a personalized dashboard which can be organized into tabs, you can easily switch between Widgets View or Reader View. Premium version of Netvibes is also available with more features.

4. NewsIsFree: NewsIsFree is basically web based news aggregator which lets you to browse headlines and find sources. You can browse for news by category, name, date and language. They also offer Premium service where you get mobile alerts on news feeds.

5. Flipboard: Flipboard is RSS feed reader for smartphone and tablets which lets you to read your feeds in magazine layout. Flipboard is available for iOS and Android devices. You can customize content by adding feeds from websites which you want to read every day.

6. Taptu: Taptu is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nook devices. You get the option to customize feeds as per your choice. The app lets you to build a stream by using Add Streams button, search feeds by category or perform a search using a Keyword.

7. FeedReader: Feedreader is RSS news aggregator and is available for both desktop and online version.

8. RSS Bandit: RSS Bandit is a free open source application that allows you to read news feeds. It also synchronizes with your feeds in Google Reader and Facebook news feed.

9. NetNewsWire: NnetNewsWire is RSS reader for Mac users.

10. Google Currents: Google Currents is available for iOS and Android devices for free. Google Currents is similar to Flipboard, feeds are in beautiful magazine interface. You can easily browse and share news from various categories.

How to import your Google Reader feeds

Google Reader will shut down on 1st July, import your Google Reader feeds by heading to Google Takeout and click on “Create Archive” button.

Google Reader

It will now start building your feeds, when done, download in zip format.

Google Reader.1

Have you tried any above alternatives for Google Reader ?

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