Best Google Updates for Android


Are you going to a conference or event anytime soon?

Last month, Google held its annual I/O event, where they showcased some of the new updates to all of their products. The list of things that changed seemed to be everything, and not just for those of us using Chrome or search on our computers. Some folks were ecstatic, some folks were disappointed, but overall, Google delivered some of the best updates for all of us. so you can find your way around.

Google offers these new features with their products:

1. Google Play: The former Android Store got another upgrade, this time with a better and cleaner interface that seems to tie all of the Google products together. Combining all downloadable features, such as apps, games, movies, and books in one area, the Play store now gives recommendations based on the things you’ve downloaded or even watched, making it a one stop shop.

2. Google Music: Google Music was big talk, after Google announced that it was going to have a paid streaming version that folks could enjoy, ala Spotify or Pandora. As with Google Play, the interface for Google Music has been cleaned up and streamlined, making finding your songs and playlists easier. On a personal note, it also seems as though Google Music is now doing a better job of identifying artists and songs, popping up the correct image for the band or singer.

3. Google+:
The social network brought to you by Google also made some changes, though this is more apparent on the desktop version. The desktop version, like the above, has a more streamlined and cleaner interface ala Pinterest almost, with the ability to switch from two different card style interfaces. The mobile has a similar display that came out a while ago.

4. Hangouts:
And speaking of Google+, the Hangouts feature took another burst through the chest by replacing Google Talk. Hangouts is the chat and video feature of G+ and now it’s finally revealed itself to be a stellar app. You can text or video from either your desktop or your phone.

5. Google Now: A new feature for Jelly Bean, Google Now was touted as a personal assistant of sorts, who would eventually discover information about you that would help you through the day. The current update to Now reinforces that in a much better facet, connecting with Google’s own search to remind you of the things you had previously been searching for. It also tells you the weather, the results of your favorite sporting games, and helps you on your travels.

6. Google Chrome:
Finally, the big daddy of changes. It took a long time before Google’s own browser came to its smartphones and tablets, but when it did, it helped to tie in the whole experience of moving from one device to another without losing data. The new Chrome update now ensures that when you’re signed in, all your info is still entact and ready for you to continue.

These are just some of the many updates Google has touched on at the convention. With so many Google updates you might need to consider speeding up your device just a tad, along with adding mobile apps for conferences and events.

Google and Android have been diligently working to deliver products of quality, accessibility and style. Because of these new apps and updates available, it would behoove Google product users to attend or at least follow Google’s annual convention. You can get the most from your Google merchandise and be ready for the next biggest thing before others even know about it!

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