7 Best GPS Apps For Android


Global Positioning System (GPS) is not a new concept, nearly all smartphones these days are equipped with GPS apps. We will be going through best GPS Apps for Android.

Best GPS Apps for Android

1. Maps: Google Maps is one of the popular GPS app for Android which has voice-guided GPS navigation with 3D buildings. The app provides live traffic information, street View, also provides directions for biking, driving and more. It also provides indoor maps for hotels and airports.

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2. TeleNav GPS Navigator: TeleNav GPS Navigator provides you with search of more than 22 millions places, live traffic updates and also has voice-activated commands. The app will also tell you the way to reach a particular place when queried.

Best GPS Apps Android

3. Navitel Navigator: Navitel Navigator has a friendly interface, provides you with a detailed map of countries like Russia, Europe, Turkey and Latin America by showing roads in 3D and also has support for traffic jams.

4. Waze social GPS maps & traffic: Waze is another cool free GPS app for Android having more than 40 million downloads. The app is community base, provides you the best possible way to reach your destination, you can report accidents, hazards and you also get road alerts while driving to your destination. Connect to your Facebook friends to find out where they are heading and share the price of fuel with others to find the Gas Station where you get cheap deal in fuel. The app prevents draining of your device battery by shutting itself down when not in use.

5. Wisepilot: Wisepilot is one of the best GPS apps for Android, you can find map of the world, share your travel destination with your friends from Facebook and Twitter, find ways how to reach a particular place, find how much time it will take to reach a particular place. The app is free for trial for five days, the paid version of the app is $69.95 per year.

6. CoPilot: CoPilot is one of the most popular GPS app among users providing offline maps and voice-guided traffic directions, find the best 3 routes to reach your destination, the app lets you to reach even geo-tagged photo easily. You are required to pay only once for the app and enjoy complete map of US. Maps are updated frequently, no worries.

7. GPS Essentials: GPS Essentials is said to a complete GPS tool for your Android. The app provides you with information which include altitude, longitude and latitude, actual speed, maximum speed, distance, declination. It provides you with data about the lunar phase, sunrise and sunset time and shows satellites in view in Sky.

Have you tried any of the above GPS Apps for Android ?

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