15+ Best iPhone 4S Apps Worth Installing


iPhone 4S is now available in various stores of US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Japan from 14th October.

If you have grabbed your new iPhone 4S then you can try installing the best iPhone 4S Apps from the list mentioned below.

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Best iPhone 4S Apps which are worth installing

1. Facebook: Facebook is a must have free app for social freaks.Facebook app for iPhone lets you to stay connected with your friends and family by sending messages/starting a chat, going through status updates.The new version comes with enhanced security.

2. Instagram: Instagram is a free and one of the most popular Photo sharing app where you can share photo stream with friends, family and can also follow their Photos with a single click.
The app enables you to add effects to your photos and lets you share it on Facebook or Twitter.


Twitter is deeply integrated into iOS 5.Twitter app enables you to perform real-time search,tweet and retweet your messages to your followers.You can also browse your interest and view trends.

4. Dropbox: Dropbox is a free app which enables you to sync your files,photos and videos to your computer, iPhone 4S and Dropbox website.Share your photos with friends and family,view files offline and add files as favorite to view fast.

5. Google +: Google+ is one of the fastest growing social networking site where you can share things with your friends, get updates from people who are in your circle and chat with them.You can do a video chat with up to 9 friends with mobile- hangout while you are on go.

6. Netflix: With Netflix iPhone app you can stream movies and shows for free via 3G or Wi-Fi.You can browse movies and can manage your instant Queue right from your iPhone 4S.However, to use the app you will require Netflix subscription.

7. Skype: With Skype app for iPhone you can make call instantly and can also do a video chat with your friends over 3G or Wifi.Skype to Skype call is free while for making calls or texting on International numbers you can use Skype Credit.

8. Foursquare: One of the best iPhone 4s apps is Foursquare app enables you to share your photos with your friends and also to let them know where are you now.Points,freebies and discounts are available to the Foursquare users and for devices running on iOS 5 there is a new feature that lets you know about interesting things which are near even when if your phone is in pocket.

9. Pandora Radio: Stream free music to your iPhone 4S by personalizing it.You will have to tell the name of the artist or songs or classical composer name and Pandora Radio will start that “station” for you.

10. Evernote: Evernote is among popular best iPhone 4S apps and is the winner of best Mobile App award which lets you to create audio and text notes and photos and then sync them with your PC.It is a very useful app for personal as well as professional purpose.

11. Cards: Cards app for iPhone 4S is being introduced recently where you can create and post personalized crafted cards from your iPhone to your friends.You have the option of choosing from 21 designs and then personalize them with your own text and photos.

12. Keynote: Keynote is an expensive app which is priced at $9.99.The app is perfect for making a presentation where you can choose from 12 Apple-designed themes, design your presentation and use iCloud for editing your presentation.A very useful app for those who have to make presentations while on go.

13. Pages: Pages for your new iPhone 4S is a powerful word processor which is being priced at $9.99.The app enables you to view documents, create and then edit as per requirement from your device.Since, Pages works with iCloud you don’t need to worry as your documents are all updated on your idevices.

14. Angry Birds: Angry birds is the most played paid game priced at $0.99. Where you will have to use unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles.The game has 288 levels, leaderboards, achievements and you can share your scores in Facebook and Twitter.

15. Real Racing 2: The app is priced at $2.99 for a limited time where you can Play wirelessly on HD TV through AirPlay can even challenge friends to a split screen multiplayer race with Party Play especially for iPhone 4S only.

16. Nike Training Club: Nike Training Club is a free app for fitness freaks which lets you to get toned with over 60 custom-built workouts and includes new training regimens from five professional athletes.

Listed above are best iPhone 4S apps worth installing and the best part is the most of the above mentioned apps are free, so go ahead and download.


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