5 Best Lockscreen Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 To Enhance Your iOS Experience


Jailbreaking iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch provides you the freedom to customize your device by installing third party tweaks and apps to enhance iOS experience and add new functionality to your device. iOS lockscreen is boring and useless, you can change the interface of iOS lockscreen with Cydia tweaks in iOS 7.

Best Lockscreen Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7

1. CustomLS: CustomLS developed by Dylan Kelly which is available for free in BigBoss repo is all-in-one tweak provides you the ability to hide just about anything you want to from the lock screen including Control Center grabbe, show the camera grabber, notification Center grabber, control Center grabber, slide to unlock text, and/or the lock screen clock. With this tweak on your iOS 7 device you don’t need to install other tweaks like Simplock and Tabless. It also lets you change the default “slide to unlock” to a custom text.

Best Lockscreen Cydia Tweak iOS 7

2. Swipey: Swipey is a new cool lockscreen tweak for iOS 7 developed by Tyler J. Nettleton enables you open your favorite apps from the lock screen by simply swiping screen. You can access up to 6 apps using this Cydia tweak from your lockscreen. To configure the apps go to the Settings of app (Settings >> Swipey).

3. Springtomize 3: Springtomize is a highly regarded Cydia tweak as it adds various cusomization options to iOS device by developer Filippo Bigarella. The developer has today updated Springtomize to be compatible with iOS 7. The latest release fixes bugs along with the addition of new features. The major bugs fixes includes compatibility with Infinidock, diaplay of icon badges behind icons when using coverflow effect, blinking of screen after turn off and more.

The developer has also added new features like adding of “Reset” button to each section, to quickly reset all its settings to their default values, you don’t need to respring your device anymore as you can now see changes in real time, Turkish localization, icon image tranparency, adjusting the space between icon columns/rows in pages and folders along with some new features.

4. SubtleLock: SubtleLock by Michael Poole is provides a clean and minimalistic look to your lockscreen in iOS 7 and is available on Cydia for $1. With this tweak you can choose the option to display clock on your device or not, options to add seconds to the clock, hide the Camera grabber icon and hide the date and clock.

While using SubtleLock tweak you don’t need to respring your idevice while enabling or disabling various options in the tweak.

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5. BuddyLock: BuddyLock offers a redesigned Lockscreen for your iOS 7 device which has app shortcuts, widgets and options to change color of themes. The tweak is being developed by Jacob Caraballo and is available for a download from BigBoss repo on Cydia for just $0.99.

The tweak lets you can choose between to have anywhere from 1-5 apps to open from the lock screen at a time. You can also replace the 5th app with a folder to launch more 4 apps if required. It lets you to access your contacts, playlists, widgets by swiping the screen and also change the color and fonts of the theme as per your wish.

Which is your favorite Lockscreen Cydia tweak for iOS 7?

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