6 Best NY Subway Apps iPhone


New York has the best Subway and for iPhone users finding best NY Subway Apps iPhone is easy.

If you are new to New York then you must be aware that finding a guide to its Subways is not going to be easy.However, there are some great apps to make the task easy for you.

Best NY Subway Apps iPhone

1. NYC Mate: NYC Mate is a free app worth downloading which has neighborhood map, bus map, subway map with timing of trains.

If you are visiting New York for the first time then you can use the app to find the routes, the timetable of Subway are displayed and you can also find all the stops in a line.It provides realtime train arrival information on all NYC subway line.It is an easy app to follow for the first timers in New York.

2. New York Subway by Zuti: The app has animated journey planner which allows tracking of journey using GPS.There is no requirement of Internet connection for map and routing.New timers can instantly find route of any transport service, save your recent journey and has a key feature ” Take me home”. You can download the app from App Store for $2.99.

3. New York Subway: New York Subway by Presselite is one of the best NY Subway Apps iPhone which is recommended by many.The app shows location of each station on the map and journey planner tool finds best way for you to reach your destination in NYC Subway.Find nearest subway stations from your position in NYC using this app.The app has augmented reality function where you can see the nearest stations and point of interest with iPhone’s camera live view.

The app is priced at $0.99.

4. Exit Strategy: Exit Strategy app is priced at $3.99 and has “exit strategies” for each subway station. one of the best NY Subway Apps iPhone for both new timers and New Yorkers with no requirement of Internet connection on Subway.The Exit Strategy diagrams shows you the locations of exit.

5. HopStop: HopStop app provides you to map a location and see nearby subway and bus stops and view NYC subway maps while offline.You can find and estimate travel time and cost for a taxi and find amount of calories you burn on each route. The app can be downloaded for free from App Store.

6. CityTransit: CityTransit is a detailed guide to New York City Subway which includes official MTA subway map.The app uses GPS which helps you to find the nearest subway station.The app is priced at $2.99 and has got featured in Apple’s iPhone ads.

Which is the best NY Subway Apps iPhone according to you?

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