Three Best Remote Desktop Softwares


Remote Desktop Softwares are a great boon to Geeks. They are used to administer a remote PC . For Example: If you are in your Home Town and you should urgently send a file to your Client, What will you do? Go back to your place and will you send it from there? So Remote Desktop Softwares are available to make your work easy. It allows you to edit, send files on the Remote PC. Microsoft gives the default Remote Desktop Connection Software. It is a very good one, but not that flexible to use.
One of the annoying difference between the traditional Remote Desktop Software and others is, You cannot connect to the Computer which is not in your network. Whereas coming to the others you can connect to any computer in any part of the World. Here in this post, We are giving Three Best Remote Desktop Softwares you can use on the move.

Three Best Remote Desktop Softwares:

1. TeamViewer:
• TeamViewer is a very light and flexible Remote Desktop Software.
• It comes with two Versions, One is Commercial and the other is Non-Commercial.
• The Commercial one price starts from $1000 USD. Where the Non-Commercial comes for free.
• Commercial Version is useful in Medium and Large scale industries.
Some of the impressive features of TeamViewer are:
1. You can use the software without installing it, File Transfers, Remote Administration and VPN features are pretty useful.
2. TeamViewer also has an iPhone app and a TeamViewer HD app for iPad users. So you have the power to do anything on the go!

2. Techinline:
• Techinline can be named as a powerful alternative to TeamViewer and is one of the cheapest Remote Support Software.
• You can remotely administer and edit, share or send files.
• This is complete Browser based software.
• After troubleshooting the remote PC, you might need to restart it.
• In some cases you cannot reinitiate the connection back, But Techinline does it all.
• It automatically reinitiates the connection.

3. LogMeIn:
• LogMeIn is also a better option. You can use this software freely.
• The best feature of this software is, when you are on the go and left your computer Switched ON.
• After 2 or 3 hours you should send a presentation to your Client, but your computer is in sleep mode.
• So using LogMeIn you can Wake your sleeping computer and administer it.
• This feature is called Wake-on-LAN.


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