Best Safari Extensions To Supercharge Your Productivity


Extensions make web browsers more productive and enhance your browsing experience. Safari is one of the most popular and default web browser for Apple’s Macbook, iPhone and iPad , you can improve Safari more by installing extensions.

Just like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions, Safari also has a huge collection of extensions which will supercharge your productivity. Here’s a list of best Safari extensions which you can download onto your browser. To download these extensions on Safari, you will have to click on the Safari extensions in the Menu bar of the browser. To enable these extensions go to Preferences from Safari browser.

best safari extensions

Best Safari Extensions To Supercharge Your Productivity 

1.  AdBlock

If you are tired of seeing those ads every where on the web then AdBlock is the best extension which you should install on your Safari browser. AdBlock removes all the ads for the webpage which you are browsing making your browser to load fast and enhance your browsing experience.  One of the best part of this extension is that you can easily customize Adblock to see ads on certain pages.


2.  YouTube Lyrics

Enjoy listening to music on YouTube, YouTube Lyrics is the apt Safari extension for you. This extension will instantly find the lyrics of the song which is playing on the YouTube. To know the lyrics of the song playing on YouTube you will have to click on  the button located below the video window. The extension also works with Grooveshark.


3. PanicButton

PanicButton comes to your rescue when you are browsing something on internet which you don’t want others to see. Protect your privacy with PanicButton, by developer Thomas Greiner. The extension easily hides all your open tabs in one-click by clicking a toolbar button. Another worthy feature of the extension is that can create a customizable keyboard shortcut to hide all the opened tabs and select a ‘safe page’ to appear when you click on the toolbar button.


4.  SafariRestore

SafariRestore is perhaps one of the most important extension which you should install on your browser. As the name suggests the extension will restore your previous browsing sessions. This extension will come in handy when Safari browser crashes, you can easily restore your previous browsing sessions. Here’s a list of best web browsers for Mac in case you have got tired of Safari crashing regularly.

Block Websites on Safari for Phone, iPad

5.  ClickToFlash

Hate to see those flashy videos starting automatically on your Safari browser? No worries, with ClickToFlash extension you can disable flash content to load. These videos slows down your browser and is quite distracting too. The extension replaces Flash videos with H.264 videos on select websites like YouTube. Once you install ClickToFlash, instead of Flash content you will find a placeholder, by clicking on the placeholder you will be able to load Flash content. It also has whitelisting feature, in case you want to enable Flash for some webpages.


6. F.B. Purity

F.B. Purity is ideal extension for those who spend too much time on Facebook. F.B. Purity lets you to streamline your Facebook by adding filters. The extension lets you to block sponsored stories, animated GIF’s, gifts, trending topics and others.

The extension also lets you to add own Custom filters to Facebook.


7. ResizeMe

Like to open several Safari browser simultaneously? With ResizeMe you can resize the Safari window in six different sizes which also includes the full screen mode. ResizeMe on Safari shows as a toolbar once installed, you can specify different sizes of the windows. You can resize your current window by clicking on the toolbar. The ResizeMe toolbar can also be hidden if not required.

Listed above are best Safari extensions which you can choose to install. Which is your favorite extension for Safari browser?





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