5 Best Security Apps For iPhone, iPad Which You Should Install


Apple’s devices are safer than Android, however, hackers have attacked iPhone, iPad and Mac with malicious malware in recent times. If you have bought the latest iPhone 6s or iPhone SE it is the time that you secure your iPhone against thieves or hackers.

Let us check out some of the best security apps for iPhone, iPad.

Best Security Apps For iPhone, iPad 

1.  Lookout

best security apps iphone


Lookout is your all-in-one security apps for iPhone which works similar to the Apple’s Find My iPhone. Find how to stop thieves from turning off Find My iPhone. The Lookout app tracks your iPhone using GPS from anywhere. One of the major features of the app is that it saves the location of your lost iPhone before the battery dies and it also saves your contacts just in case.

The lost iPhone can be easily located on a map on Lootout.com via any web browser.

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2.  mSecure Password Manager

best security apps iphone

mSecure Password Manager app for Password management is priced at $9.99 and it is a worth installing on your iPhone. The app uses ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect personal information which includes account numbers, usernames and more. The app has some notable features such as auto-backup reminder and Email backup for keeping the data safe and a self-destruct option if somebody is trying to guess your password.

3.  McAfee

best security apps iphone

McAfee provides ultimate protection to your iPhone. The app lets you to Backup and restore your data, protect your sensitive files with PIN, you can also locate your lost device by activating the alarm even if your device is in silent mode. It also lets you catch a thief by taking a photo of the person who is trying to access the vault by entering incorrect PIN.


4. SurfEasy VPN

best security apps iphone

SurfEasy VPN is trusted by 350 million users worldwide. The app lets you protect your online privacy over unsecured Wi-Fi by masking your IP address and location letting you browse anonymously and it also encrypts your data. The app can be installed on five devices for free.


5.  Webroot SecureWeb Browser

best security apps iphone

Webroot SecureWeb Browser is a free and secure browser for iPhone and iPad users provide advanced URL reputation database for real-time protection and filters malicious websites. The browser offers tabbed browsing for simplified multitasking.

The above mentioned are 5 best security apps for iPhone, iPad.









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