Best Yoga Apps for iPhone & iPad


Yoga is an old practice not only to attain physical fitness and flexibility but also to find inner peace in our hectic life style. There are millions of Yoga Studios running globally.

However, if you are too busy to go to a local Yoga Studio, no worries. There are thousands of yoga apps in Appleā€™s App Store that will for sure guide you to perform various yoga postures correctly anywhere.

1. Yoga Studio: Yoga Studio is beautifully designed yoga app which features 30 HD video classes along with 280 poses providing a detailed instruction. One of the best part about the app is that you also create your own HD video.

Yoga Studio app

Schedule classes by syncing with your calender and the app works great for the beginners as well. Go ahead and download this awesome yoga app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod for $2.99.

2. Office Yoga: Office Yoga showcases 75 stretches by renowned yoga teacher Darrin Zeer which you can do in your office desk easily. Relax and take care of your body while at work by downloading the app for under $1 from App Store.

3. Pocket Yoga: Yoga is fruitful only when done consistently. Pocket Yoga has 27 sessions with various levels and duration to choose from. Listen to music from your playlist while doing yoga.

The app guides you through voice and visuals to practice yoga and can be downloaded for your iOS devices for $2.99.

Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra for iPad

4. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra for iPad: Deepak Chopra and yoga master Tara Stiles have teamed up together to bring this app for you and practice anywhere. Hear the voice of Deepak Chopra and watch instructional videos of Tara Stiles while you practice yoga with fun.

Get the app on your iPad for $1.99.

5. Yoga Face Yoga for face, right! Relax your facial muscles if you get tensed too much. Reduce wrinkles, swelling and droopy lids and firm your cheeks muscles by doing Yoga for face.

Yoga for face is available for a free download from App Store for you.

6. Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga for Weightloss is a part apps by Saagara which includes Yoga for Migraines, Core Yoga , Yoga for back pain and more.

Yoga for Weight Loss can be downloaded for $4.99 for your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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