Bitdefender Offers Complete Security Across All Devices


For every positive action, there is equal and opposite reaction. This law of physics by Newton holds true in every aspect of our lives, mostly so in the age of technology. Technological advancement has made the world a tiny place which can be accessed from each and every corner of the world with the help of internet. However, with the unprecedented usage of the web comes, a phalanx of malwares that are capable of infecting our systems. But over the period of time we have come a long way from just destructive viruses. With internet available on nearly all the devices we use, it was only a matter of time that the viruses became far more malicious than before.
Realizing the need of the hour, antivirus software was introduced in the market to fight these computer programs that attached it to all the equipment that came in contact with it. Some really stood the test of time and are considered some of the most reliable protections for the machines that are prone to being infected. Bitdefender Antivirus is a reliable software company that offers total security services, not just to the personal computer, but also for mobile phones.
Perks of using a Bitdefender security solution on the PC
What makes Bitdefender such a reliable antivirus mechanism is the services that come with the package. Some of them are listed below:

– Anti Spamming: Spam emails are the main cause of hacking into the system. Bitdefender detects questionable email content and warns you before you download the attachments.
– Potent Firewall: It is the first and most important security check that happens online. An effective firewall keeps any potential online attack at bay.
– Secure Personal Identity: All the sensitive information like credit/debit card details are readily protected by bitdefender offering total security.
– Social Media Protection: hackers will not be able to take advantage of your active social media life.
– Easy browsing experience: Bitdefender blocks all the malicious pop ups while browsing.
Bitdefender not only offers protection against the aforesaid bumps on the web road, but also gives additional protection against payments online by SafePay feature or USB immunizer which will be stop any virus attack caused by the pen drives or other devices attached to your PC.

The company offers yet another breakthrough privacy protection mechanism to iOS users, called the Bitdefender Clueful App. This web app is especially designed to protect your privacy against any other apps that users could unwittingly download on their phones. Clueful provides the following:
– Inside information about all the apps on your iOS that are secretly sharing your address book contacts on their cloud storage.
– Reveals all those apps that can learn about your actual identity
– Flags the apps that are eating into your battery life significantly
Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the best security software providers with a long trail of satisfied users. With its total security as well as other privacy and optimization apps, it takes internet protection to a whole new level.

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