Buying and Selling Homes Simplified with Real Estate Smartphone Apps


Real Estate market has improved these days, however, buying a new home for yourself can be a real frustrating task for anyone. There are many steps you must follow to purchasing a home, and it can be overwhelming. Quality Exterior Services says, “When a buying a new home, it is easy to get distracted by the interior. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about owning and filling a property, but what’s on top is of equal importance. The roof of a house does much to protect it from damaging elements from the outside and deserves consistent attention and care.” If you are a first time home buyer, you are probably working with a real estate agent. The agent should be able to answer questions you have about the potential repairs or upgrades a home might need. There are also many ways to keep track of the homes you have seen, your mortgage rates, available homes, and more, using technology.

Real Estate Smartphone apps

1. Zillow: Zillow is perhaps one of the best real estate app available for both iOS and Android users which allow users to quickly go through homes for sale in the local area, it also determines prices and assess home value in any zip code.

2. Mortgage Calculator App: Mortgage Calculator App is number one free app to calculate your home mortgage. The app has Rent and Buy option, monthly payment and calculation of interest rate.

The app is awesome for agents and buyers who want to know how much they can afford for a property. Agents can answer query to clients regarding mortgage rates.

3. Realtor: Realtor is a free app to be used both by agents as well as prospect buyers.If you are looking forward to buy or sell real estate then this is a must have. The data provided by the app is more accurate than the data provided by other real estate sites. You can use the app to monitor price changes of desire property and homes around your locality by just tapping. The app uses your device GPS to find your current location.

4. MagicPlan: MagicPlan is another app which lets buyers create custom floors plans by just moving their phone. It uses the camera of the phone to take pictures of the room. Paid plan is also available for users with more features.

5. Homesnap: This is definitely one of the app suited best for agents as well as buyers which let you take snap of the house you like and add to your favorites. Agents can take pictures and find the value of the home for their clients. Know the number of rooms, the size of the rooms and bathrooms of a particular house by just taking a picture.

6. Credit Karma: Find your credit score for free using Credit Karma. A credit score is required when you want to mortgage your home. Credit Karma calculates your credit score and tells you whether buyers whether a particular home is within your buying range or not. Agents will also be able to show you houses in your locality which are within your price range.

7. Foreclosure Search: Search for foreclosed homes by using Foreclosure Real Estate Search by The iPhone foreclosure search app allows you to go through a list of foreclosed properties from The properties listed are owned by the government and major banks.


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