Check iPhone Upgrade Eligibility – Planning To Buy iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus?

Apple has officially announced the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on September 9 with public release from September 25th. If you are Apple fan you must be planning to upgrade your iPhone. However have you checked your iPhone upgrade eligibility status?

Here’s how to check if you are eligible for iPhone upgrade for the major iPhone carriers in the U.S.

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Check iPhone Upgrade Eligibility Status


Verizon subscribers in the US can check their iPhone upgrade eligibility status by heading to Verizon’s website. You will find your upgrade eligibility date on the Upgrade Your Device page in “My Verizon”. On Your Account you will see a list of the mobile numbers and the upgrade eligibility date will be shown below each mobile number.

Alternatively, you can check your iPhone upgrade eligibility by calling #874 from your iPhone, you will get a text message if you are eligible to get the next generation iPhone.


AT&T subscribers can call *639# from their phone to get a text message with upgrade eligibility information.

Alternatively, subscribers can also sign in to AT&T’s website and go to your account page to see if they are eligible for iPhone upgrade..


Sprint subscribers can text “upgrade” to 1311 from their iPhone to find out upgrade eligibility information.

Subscribers can also log into Sprint account online to check their upgrade eligibility status.

Sprint users can also dial *2 from their phone to Customer service of Sprint and then press 1 followed by mobile number, and then again press 1 to check upgrade eligibility.


T-Mobile does not offer contracts anymore. It offers the Jump plan. T-Mobile users can pay $10 a month and they are eligible for upgrade whenever a new device comes out. However, you will be required to have to trade- in your current device and will also have to pay 50% of your current device.


Apple also provides iPhone upgrade eligibility check, however, you will be required to add your Social Security number.

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