ChevronWP7 Custom Ringtone Manager For Windows Phone 7


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Previously i shared with you about ChevronWP7, a tool to unlock Windows Phone 7 but unfortunately it has been pulled and you can no more download it.

The developers of ChevronWP7 have released custom ringtone manager for your Windows Phone 7.

Features and Components of ChevronWP7 Ringtone Manager:

ChevronWP7 Ringtone Manager has two components:

1. Desktop app – used to build a custom XAP package with 5 custom ringtones you select from your computer.

2. XAP application- to be deployed to your WP7 to install custom ringtones to the system.

The app only works for Windows7 Phone which has been unlocked using ChevronWP7.Allows users to load up to 5 audio files onto the phone and the ringtones have to be in 48Khz Windows Media Audio format.

For installing ringtones you need to download ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager,run the app by selecting 5 upto 5 ringtones on unlocked Windows Phone 7 device.

Download ChevronWP7 Custom Ringtone Manager


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