How To Clean Android Phone ?


If you are having an Android phone and want to free the storage space by cleaning up cache and browser history then you should opt for 1-Click Cleaner.

Many times we install and uninstall apps in our Phone which leads to cache and history and that eventually affect the performance of your Android.

By installing 1-Click Cleaner you can clean up your Android by just a single click.

Clean Android Phone with 1-Click Cleaner

1. In the first step you will have to download and install 1-Click Cleaner app which is available for a free download from the Android Market and then open the app.You will have to tap at the big circle in the center.

2. In the next step when you tap at the big center you will be asked to confirm your action.You can select the option OK to clean the cache.

3. When Cache is cleared you will get a report regarding list of cleaned things.

1-Click Cleaner can also delete all SMS by a single click or only specific SMS.

The app has a better UI and Deep Clear feature clears useless files in SD card and other useless files of apps which you uninstalled.History Clear option clears browsing history and calling records.You can delete them all by clicking on “Clear all”.

1-Click Cleaner Android app has good rating of 4.3 in Android Market and requires Android 1.5 and above.

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With this app you can clean up storage space and boost performance of your Android.Moreover, the app is free in Android Market so it is worth a try.

Download 1-Click Cleaner

Download 1-Click Cleaner


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