Comindware Brings Task Management & Collaboration in One Bowl


If you are a professional, of any field, you will have stumbled upon the tiresome task of managing various projects as well as tasks that constitute your whole company, its development and results. We repeat, it’s a tiresome task but its other aspect has it that use of intelligent tools can help you make project management something great, lesser time-consuming and intuitive! In this post, in order to help a lot of professionals among you who take maximum efforts to manage different tasks in your company or at least the tasks that have been given to you, we have come up with one in-detailed review of one of the best solutions available for project management — Comindware Project. Now, in the review, we shall have an overview of practical aspects of Comindware Projects as well as other aspects of the tool. In order to get you familiar with Comindware Project, first, we shall have an introduction to the virtual tool that can be quite helpful for every task management professional out there.

Comindware Project — Basics

Although a project management solution primarily, Comindware Project — Project Management Software — is at the same time a collaboration tool, which is available through both cloud and on-premise infrastructure. In basic form, Comindware Project is a solution for project managers to have a realtime overview of different projects & tasks that are in progress in your company. On the other hand, as far as common employees in your firm is concerned, it would be a platform to know deadlines and progress about various projects assigned to them as well as to keep interaction going on with other employees in your section and others. So, what we mean is that Comindware Project will be very useful for each and every constituent of your company and thus contributing for the profit of firm in the end. Now, if you are looking forward to know more about Comindware Project, we shall move on to various aspects of the tool.
2_Automated Priority-based Planning

Comindware Project — Availability

As we said, Comindware Project is available through two methods — Cloud and On-Premise. Obviously, both of the ways have their advantages and disadvantages, given that you have the freedom to choose between. The first option is depended upon cloud computing technology as it stores all your information in secure, powerful and reliable web servers that Comindware offers. Some advantages of Comindware Project’s cloud-based variant include the ability to access your information from any part of web, less cost in terms of maintenance and advantage of tight security. On the other hand, if you would like to move on with the On-premise variant of the service, which needs you to have a set of suitable hardware in your premise and Comindware Project installed in them, you can grab some advantages such as the confidential behaviour of your data, absence of monthly charges etc. So, you have to select the option as per your requirement, and you should be quite clever in determining your own requirements.

3_Plan and Allocate Resources

Comindware Project — the Art of Collaboration

One of the superb features of Comindware Project is the collaboration platform it offers! Using Comindware Team Network, an integrated feature of Comindware Project, lets you keep in touch with different employees from various departments of your company — let that be marketing, human resource management or anything else that is a part of your firm. Using Comindware Team Network, you will be able to indulge in a number of productive tasks. When it comes to creating projects and tasks, you have an option to attach discussions along with them whereas public room feature of Comindware Team Network will be quite useful in bringing different people from different departments in one bowl and kick off a thread for a huge discussion. On the other hand Organization Chart and Company Directory features of Comindware Team Network will help you to have an overview of people in your firm and get in touch with them easily.

4_Effective Team Collaboration Tools

Our Verdict
In our view, Comindware Project is something essential for companies that are looking forward to grab progress by offering its employees a great platform to communicate, plan projects and execute them as per prescribed schedule! Particularly, we loved its automated planning feature and other features!

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