Universe Rush, Upcoming Console-quality Space MMO-strategy Game, funded via Kickstarter


Universe Rush is an intense MMO-strategy that combines space battles, beautiful graphics, long-term strategic multiplayer in a changing environment that delivers an exciting experience. Universe Rush is designed for tablets, inviting gamers to suspend reality by remaining constantly in play. Mobile platform we believe is a perfect solution for strategic gameplay.

It is inspired by Homeworld franchise with its epic battles and gorgeous environment. Talking about massive multiplayer,it is oriented by excellent example of deep and complex gameplay – OGame browser-based sci-fi strategy.

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key features of Universe Rush Game:
· Stunning space battles. Massive space multiplayer fights with custom fleets. Use strategy to assemble a fleet of warships and use them to outmaneuver, outwit, and outgun your opponent. Offering a wide range of combat ships, defense structures, and customization choices, we urge you to think carefully about your fleet structure. These parameters will determine whether you get your dominance and rewards for successful battles.

· Console-quality visuals. Powered by Unity3D-engine the game offers hi-end mobile graphics. The gameplay occurs in a visually appealing world set in orbital space. It is more dynamic as base grows – buildings become more complex as you upgrade them.

· Deep strategic gameplay. Whole universe to dominate, make friends or enemies, evolve and fight!

· Cross-platform. Starting with a mobile game for iOS and Android, desktop version for PC and Mac will also be released soon.

· Compatibility. Runs on all actual mobile devices (iPad 2 and higher)

· Has no analogues. Current mobile strategies, such as Galaxy on Fire: Alliances, are still interface-based games with moderate visuals.

The game Universe Rush, is still in development and it will be crowdfunded via Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign will be launched in few days.

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