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PDF documents are a standard part of every office or school environment. In dealing with documents, most people choose the PDF format because of its universality, inalterability, and the fact that PDFs are both easy to print and can be viewed on all existing operating systems. However, when it comes to editing and extracting data from them, most users have problems. PDF editing usually requires specialized and costly software. But today we will present you with a tool that is completely free and allows you to edit PDF documents by converting them into Microsoft Word documents.

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Convert PDF to Word Free Online

This tool can be found at http://www.convertpdftoword.org/ and it is completely web-based. Furthermore, it can be used on all three major computer operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). Another advantage of this tool is that there is no need for additional software installations or suspicious looking freeware installations.

To start using this tool, go to the webpage, click on the Browse button, and upload the PDF you want converted from your computer. The maximum size for conversion is 32MB. Once you have chosen your PDF, enter the email address that you want your converted file sent to once the process has been completely. Now click on Send and after a couple of minutes, check your email’s Inbox folder. A link for downloading your new MS Word file should be waiting for you there.

The link for downloading your converted file will be valid for 24 hours, after which time it will be deleted from the servers along with your email data. The only way to access the document is by using the link sent in the email within the first 24 hours following the conversion request.
One other notable feature of this tool is that is excellent with tables. Converting tables from PDF to Word can be a pretty big headache, since it requires lot of subsequent changes and modification, but this online tool saves you a lot of work with its very accurate table conversions.

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