How to Quickly Make PDFs Online for Free


If you are at all familiar with different document formats, you know how convenient PDF files can be. When it comes to sending, sharing and archiving documents created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCad, Open Office suite or any other program for creating and editing electronic documents, PDFs are in most cases better than the original files. They can easily be compressed, easily printed and once you open them, there’s no fear of deleting parts of text by mistake. Furthermore, PDF is a universal document format that will look exactly the same on any platform.

There are many PDF converters today. Some are paid, others are free. Some are easier to use, others offer more conversion options and features like creating secure PDF. Also, we usually distinguish between online and desktop PDF makers.

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We will be going through a free online PDF creator which goes a step further than many other converters on the market and allows you to print PDF files from virtually any Windows document format online, then sends you the files directly to your email address.

No installation is required, no need to click through many “yes” tabs until you finally get to the “finish” button and are able to perform the desired operation. It will usually take you less than a minute to receive your PDF file via the Free Online PDF Creator. This is especially handy if you need to send your PDF document to someone as soon as possible.


Let’s go through the 4 simple steps of creating PDF’s via Free Online PDF Creator:

1) Go to:
2) Click on “Choose file” and choose the file you want to convert.
3) Type in your email address.
4) Click “Start”!

In matter of seconds you’ll receive your PDF file. It doesn’t get easier than this. Another very nice feature of the tool is that its providers guarantee your email will never be “sold, rented or given to a third-party.” That’s comforting to know.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that this is a useful tool that can come in handy when all you need is hassle-free PDF creation of files no bigger than 2MB.

It is noteworthy you can also convert online for free PDF to Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Link – Free Online PDF Creator

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