Tool To Create SVG Animations Online


Creating animations is definitely not an easy task and especially if you are someone who has little Photoshop skill but now you can easily create animations online in few minutes and can also share with your friends in social networking sites like Facebook. The animated photos which looks like a video are Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG as they are called.

Developer Accelerated I/O (AIO) have created a tool that enables you to create animations easily using browser and currently it has support only for Mozilla FireFox browser.

Pac-n-Zoom is a cloud based service which converts photos into Scalable Vector Graphics. These pictures are different the raster images like BMP, JPEG, or PNG. The raster images cannot be moved and are not interactive.

AIO has open sourced web animation and is inviting developers to develop apps and sell them.

To use the service you will have to create a free Account and then upload the image from your PC which you want to animate and then click on the option “Animate” button. The animation works best with 24 bit images and the size of the image should be 490,000 pixels but it is expected that soon it will be increased to 6 million pixel images. You can time the animations, zoom in or out, can also move animations up to 100 places in the photo. These days advertisers are also opting for animations as they are interactive and looks appealing to viewers.

Users can create unlimited animations for free but converting the uploads to SVG is charged by the pixel at 1 penny per 10,000 pixels.

Facebook inegration of the tool enables users to share their animated photos online. You can also create an animated birthday card for your friends.

Pac-n-Zoom tool users can make complex animations by using more than one frame.

You can go through the videos embedded below to go through the tool in action-

“Joe Doll, CEO of Accelerated I/O and inventor of the technology, says the technology will open the door for several new applications to be developed by app developers and that “This is one of those things that could get out of hand.”

Users can also go through the user manual to find more about the tool.

Thanks Jerry Ferguson, COO of Accelerated I/O, Inc for providing the resources.

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