10 Creative Computer Mouse Designs for you


Mouse is an essential tool for computer users. Listed below are some stylish and creatively designed computer mice for you. These computer mouse designs are different than the mouse design which we normally use, the designs are fully functional and will not hurt your wrist. These mouse are completely safe to use and meets your every day computing requirement.

1. The Bat Mouse: The Bat Mouse is being designed by Czech company Kibardin Design. The mouse consists of a base – mouse pad and floating mouse with magnet ring .
As per the designer of The Bat, Vadim Kibardin, the mouse will lessen the amount of pressure on the wrist which can prevent computer users from Carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Bat

2. Apple Magic Mouse: Apple Magic Mouse is one of the best offering performance which is far more excellent than standard optical tracking mouse.

Apple Magic Mouse

3. Microsoft Arc Mouse – Black

4. Mouse On A Diet: Mouse On Diet lets you to use mouse just as a pointer. This mouse has only necessary features.


5. Jelly Click Mouse: The designers behind this cool Jelly Click Mouse are Bongkun Shin, Heungkyo Seo, Jiwoong Hwang and Wooteik Lim. The body of the mouse is soft, to use the Jelly Click Mouse- blow up the Jelly Click and attach it to USB Cable.

Jelly Click

6. Diamante USB Mouse: Diamante USB Mouse is attractive and beautiful mouse, ideal to appeal girls. Use mouse for home or office work.

Diamante USB mouse

7. sport car ferrari optical mouse: This mouse is dedicated to For Ferrari car lovers. It has 3D optical design which gives it a look of real Ferrari sport car.

ferrari mouse

8. Gold Brain Optical Mouse – Fun Series: This mouse is apt for the geeks, works great on PC as well as Mac.

Gold Brain optical mouse

9. Cyber Snipa Orbita Freestyle Mouse: Orbita Mouse is a rotating 3D-mouse, which has being designed for three-dimensional navigation.

Cyber Snipa irbita freestyle mouse

10. Hamburger Shape The design of the mouse is rather unusual, works like a standard PC mouse.

hamburger mouse

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