CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies Supports More Devices Now

CyanogenMod team have released a list of devices supporting CynogenMod9 nightly builds.

For those who are unaware CyanogenMod offers features not found in the official Android based firmwares of various devices for Android lovers.CyanogenMod team were having issues with their server but now having received support from the Android lovers and community they are back.

The team has officially released a list of devices and tablets supporting CynogenMod 9 Nightly build.

A Nightly build is a neutral build that takes place automatically. These typically take place when no one is likely to be working in the office so that there are no changes to the source code during the build. The results of the build are inspected by the arriving programmers, who generally place a priority on ensuring the recent changes to the source code have not broken the build process or functionality of the software.

List of devices supporting CynogenMod9 Nightly builds

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – WiFi and I/O editions

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – SGH-T859 (T-Mobile SGH-T859)

Samsung Galaxy S II – International Version

ASUS Transformer – TF101

ASUS Transformer Prime – TF201

The nightlies are in beta stage so download the files at your own risk.

Are you going to try CynogenMod 9 Nightlies?

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