15 Tools to Search for Perfect Domain Name


Choosing the perfect domain name for your service, product or business is an important step in branding your online identity. Finding a right domain is a daunting task however, most of the top-level domain names are already taken. A right domain name helps you in creating a successful website which will help you to rank better in search engines. There are many tools which will help you to find available domain names and also come up with a list of domain names suggestions to choose from. Here are 15 excellent tools which will help you to search perfect domain name.

1. Lean Domain Search: Lean Domain Search generator finds domain names in just few seconds. Type the keywords and hit enter to find a list of domain names. Easily sort and filter search results to find domain name of your choose with an option of marking a search result as your favorite so that you can keep track of it.

Lean Domain sEARCH

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2. Domainr: Domainr is one of the popular tools to search domain names fast. Domainr searches for unique domain extensions beyond .com, .net or .org.


3. Nameboy: Nameboy allows you to find domain names by performing keyword search with one or two words including hyphens and rhyming words. You will have to enter the keywords for the domain name which you want to buy and it will come up with a list of domain names relevant to keywords.


4. DomainsBot: DomainsBot was launched in 2004 which provides you with domain suggestions and is also an expired and expiring domain search engine. It also searches Twitter and Facebook also to find if the suggested domain names are free of these social sites or not.


5. Domize: Domize is safe and secure way to search domain names easily. With Domize you can find whether a domain name was earlier registered or not and also checks whether domain names which are unavailable can be purchased on the secondary market.


6. Squurl:

Squurl is a fast and easy domain name search engine. Finds your domain name fast and if the domain name already taken it finds ways to backorder domain name.


7. BustAName: BustAName lets you find the domain which you are looking for by using its word combiner or by adding similar words and checking for available domains. You get the option to use hyphens, plural nouns and drop last vowel to search for domain names. Save domain names for review.

Bust a name

8. Name Mesh: Name Mesh finds perfect domain name for you using more than 20 generators. It has more than 6 million words database and generates domain names by using thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms and real world intelligence.

Name Mesh

9. Dot-o-mator: Dot-o-Mator lets you find domain name by selecting a list of words for the beginning and end of the domain. If you find a name you like, combine the two names to see see the result and move it to the scratchbox to check if the domain name is available or not. Dot-o-Mator for iOS is also available for a download.


10. Domain Typer: Domain Typer is simple,fast and easy tool to search domain names. You will have to just enter domain keywords and it will show whether that domain name is available or not. If the domain name is not available it will show you suggested domain hacks.

Domain Typer

11. Panabee: Panabee lets you to search for domain names, app names, and company names. If your domain name is taken it provides suggestions using phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes and prefixes.


12. Wordoid: Wordoid is simple and effective way to find domain names. It creates unique, made-up words where each word is no more than 10 letters long.


13. NameTumbler: Name Tumbler is a free domain suggestion tool which lets you to choose by domain names by combining a keyword with a word from the NameTumbler database. You also have the option to use hyphens to separate the keywords.

Name Tumbler

14. NameStall: NameStall provides you with creative, catchy and keyword-rich available domain names.

Name Stall

15. Namestation: Name station generates domain names by combining keyword lists, suffixes, phonetic names instantly with single click of mouse.


Are you aware of any other domain name search tool?


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