10+ Best Websites To Download Free eBooks


With the advent of Amazon Kindle and iPad reading e-books has become an enjoyable experience for book lovers to read books while on Go. If you are looking forward to download e-books for free, go through the list of some best websites where you can download e-books for free.

How To Download Free eBooks

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1. Free eBooks: Free eBooks is a great place online to download e-books for free from a huge database. Search and download e-books, resources and authors from various categories. You can also download free magazines and submit your own e-book and promote it. To download free e-books you will be required to sign up.

2. GetFreeEBooks: GetFreeEBooks lets you to choose and download e-books free without any registration. Get updated with the latest addition of books via their Facebook page and Twitter feed. The site has clean User Interface where you can also submit your e-book.

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3. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg is said to be the first producer of free ebooks where you get to download e-books from a huge collection of 42,000 e-books and counting. You get to choose e-books from a list of various categories and languages. No registration is required, however a donation is always welcomed by the site so that they can buy more books.

4. ManyBooks: ManyBooks.net requires you to register before you broswe and download free e-books. The site boasts of over 29,000 ebooks which are available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and others. Choose ebooks from authors of various genres and languages. Go through the list of popular downloads, recent reviews by readers and more.

5. Scribd: Scribd is one of the best resource to download e-books for free. You can easily download documents in Word and other popular formats, publish documents and share them by registering yourself. You can find Editor’s pick and Featured articles on the site. More than thousand documents are published on the site.

6. Bookyards: Bookyards has a huge collection of free e-books, education materials and so on. Users can also upload their documents in various popular formats and share them by signing up. The site has 17,845 eBooks, 4,199 news and blogs links, 384 videos along with other resources.

7. eBook Junkie: eBook Junkie is also a good site where you get to download free e-books along with Premium books. The site also has a forum where you can discuss books, review them with other members. Site has a clean user interface, browse the site to find trending ebooks and latest news of the site.

8. ReadPrint: Instantly sign in to Read Print using your Facebook or Google Account. Browse through various book, authors, quotes. Go through the recommendations from other members and join the discussion on books. The site has been voted as TIME magazine’s 50 best websites.

9. e-Library: e-Library is a site where you can search and download both free as well as books with Resell Rights from a huge database. The site has a collection of Top 20 books, New, Free so on. After to signup you get to download 3 e-books for free.

10. The Online Books Page: the site has a listing of over 1 millions books. Search through the listing of the site, New listings, Authors and more.

11. PDF Search Engine: Search and download tons of PDF books for free. The only issue is that the site shows too many ads.

12. PlaneteBook: If you enjoy reading classic literature then this site is just for you. Go ahead and download your favorite classic literature as e-book for free. No registration required.

Which is your favorite site to download e-books for free?


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