Download TinyUmbrella Supports iOS 6.0.2 And iOS 6.1


Notcom the developer behind TinyUmbrella has released a latest version of TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 which has support for recently released iOS 6.1 firmware and iOS 6.0.2.

With TinyUmbrella you can save SHSH blobs so that you can downgrade later if required if Apple stops signing the iOS firmware file.


As per Notcom official blog-

6.0.2 and 6.1 support for all relevant devices has been added. Sorry for the delay. I’m still working on the rewrite that will include auto updating and much cleaner code. I’ll post more details as I get closer to completion. I have a feeling I’ll be making at least some of the modules open source on either github or bitbucket.

Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: SORRY! I forgot to update a couple important manifests. All should be ok now. Please keep the feedback coming 🙂

UPDATE 2: Ok. This time I fired the QA Team. Apparently my version detection was borked. My fault! I released way to hastily. I should have planned better. Thank you all for your patience!

Apple is introducing APTickets and closing loopholes in its firmware updation, hence it s advisable that you save your SHSH blobs so that you can downgrade later.

How to save SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella

First, download the latest version of TinyUmbrella from the link given below and connect device to computer via USB cable.

Run TinyUmbrella, select your device from “Connected Devices” list in the left hand panel and click on “save” button.

Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 by using the direct links mentioned below.

Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.02

Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 (Windows)

Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 (Mac OS X)

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