Download VLC 2.0.2 For Windows & Mac OS X (Direct Links)


VLC 2.0.2 for Windows and OS X has been released with some major improvements which includes Retina optimized UI for the MacBook Pro and coming back of “go automatically to fullscreen” feature.

It also includes drag & drop items between the playlist,support for Growl 1.3,playing of video in a window without UI elements is also being supported back along with removal of the font cache in Mac.

Full Changelog of VLC 2.0.2 for Mac OS X and Windows

Enabled drag and drop of playlist items between the temporary playlist and the persistent media library

Various video output improvements, notably for crop, zoom, osd and menu support
Enabled import of playlist items taken from the service discovery modules to the media library or the temporary playlist

Added media key support for keyboards by other manufacturers than Apple. This fix was facilitated through a hardware donation by ZF Friedrichshafen AG manufacturing keyboards under the brand “Cherry”.

Added HiDPI / Retina Display save UI artwork
Restored the preferences’ fullscreen options, which allows the user to start videos directly in fullscreen mode

Keep Aspect Ratio when resizing is back

Added controls to manipulate the Subtitles Duration to the Track Synchronization panel
Hidden items in the sidebar are being retained for the next launch now

Fixed crash when trying to open an Audio CD by drag & drop

Improve reliability when opening DVDs or BDs by drag & drop

Fixed a crash when attaching harddrives with multiple partitions while VLC is running
Improved OSD rendering in fullscreen mode

Improved fullscreen behavior when using a smartphone remote based upon VLC’s http interface

The selected audio device is retained throughout multiple VLC sessions now

Since running the Mac OS X interface as an Extra Interface or Control Interface can lead to undefined results, the respective options will be automatically reset on the first launch, if needed.

This fixes issues with unresponsive playback controls and crashes on quit.
Updated Growl plugin supporting Growl 1.3.

Improved reliablity in detecting VIDEO_TS folders when opened through the “Open Disc” panel.
Re-implemented the “Window Decorations” option, which, if disabled, hides all the UI elements from the video output window to give you the cleanest experience possible.

Improved the window title behavior when using the dark interface mode. It correctly responds to right and double-click events now.

Miscellaneous minor interface improvements

VLC 2.0.2 includes these cross-platform improvements:

Video Output

PCs running Windows XP will use the DirectX mode by default now, like in VLC’s 1.1.x release due to a fast number of broken drivers

More accurate colorspace conversions for YUV->RGB in OpenGL

Misc fixes in the OpenGL module, on all platforms

Fixed video output on PowerPC-based Macs equipped with an ATI Radeon 7500, an ATI Radeon 9200 or a NVIDIA GeForceFX 5200 Ultra.[1]

Fixed video output of 10bit encoded contents on Intel-based Macs equipped with an Intel GMA 950 chipset running OS X 10.6 or later.[2]


Reworked Digital TV module for Windows. DVB-T and DVB-C work again

Fixes for RAR compressed files

Fixed DirectShow crashes on exit

Improved PulseAudio input latency

Fixes for HTTP access through a proxy

v4l2 webcam outputting H264 can now be used directly (use –v4l2-chroma=h264)

Fixed Subtitle auto-detection in subfolders

IE http proxy is no longer used by VLC on Windows

Accepts more extensions for DVD images

Fixed crash in VC1 packetizer


Fixed crashes in AAC decoder on channels changes, notably in ISDB streams

Fixed compilation with multiple FFmpeg and libav versions

Fixed G726 support


Fixes for MKV segments and MKV title display

Fixed some mp4, voc, midi and au crashes

Fixed Real .ram and .ra files support

Fixed DVB channel file support

Fixes for alac, vorbis, DTS, VC-1 and Dirac in mp4


Fix for MPEG audio encoding. Use Layer2 for the FOURCCs “mp2 ” and “mp2a”

Fixed JPEG generation when doing snapshots

Audio filters and output

Limitation of the Spatializer output volume

Fixed DirectSound device selection

Correct PulseAudio volume control

Fixed Directsound volume initialization

Volume level is no longer applied to the file output

Fixed sampling rate for the JACK output

Lua Scripts

Fixes for stdin/stdout and for different locale issues

Qt interface

Fixed preferences for audio devices on Windows
Fixed various crashes
Fixed multiple issues in the Open Disc dialog
Fixed playlist search and selector behavior
Miscellaneous fixes in preferences, buttons, EPG, playlist and customize dialog
Fixed tags and file names display


Fixed mousewheel on Windows
Fixes for key events and focus loss

Web interface

Fixed display of some buttons
Fixed listing of files in the Open interface

Download VLC 2.0.2 for Windows & Mac OS X (Direct Links)

Download VLC 2.0.2 for Windows

Download VLC 2.0.2 for Mac OS X

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