Enter DFU Mode With Broken Home Button Using Redsn0w


Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 was released by iPhone Dev Team with improved iPhone 3GS 06.15.00 and iPad baseband downgrade along with a new feature which allows users with broken Home buttons to enter DFU mode to jailbreak their device.

How to enter DFU Mode with Broken Buttons using Redsn0w

1. In the first step download Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 for Windows.Unzip RedSn0w.zip and double click RedSn0w.exe to launch it.

2. Click on “Extras” >> “Even More” >> “DFU IPSW”.

3. You will get a pop-up message. Click on “OK”.

4. Download the latest iOS firmware, which is iOS 5.1.1 and select it.

5. RedSn0w will create a new file “DFU-Mode IPSW”.

6. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and open iTunes. Select your device from the left sidebar of iTunes.Hold “shift key” on Windows computer and then click on “Restore button”.

7. Find the file “ENTER_DFU IPSW” which was created in Step 5 above and click on OK.

8. When the process of Restore will get finish your device will be in DFU mode.

You can now proceed further to jailbreak your device using Redsn0w.

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