How to Fix Battery Drainage Issue in Nexus 5


Nexus 5 smartphone which was released in October last year has been facing battery drainage issue. Many users have reported facing rapid battery drain on Nexus 5.

Google has confirmed that a fix for the battery drainage issue is on its way. As per one of the Google Executive, ” We’ve had scattered reports of persistent high CPU usage of mm-qcamera-daemon since our last maintenance update, and based on those, found a number of bugs that were then fixed”.

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Google is expected to come up with a new Software update to fix the issue.

Users are facing battery drainage when they are using Camera apps such as Skype.

As per one of the user in Google support forum,” “It started yesterday. Phone was hot and the battery drained from 80c/o to 20% in one hour in my pocket. There was no particular installation or update. It seems it came from nowhere.”

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How to fix battery drainage in Nexus 5 – Possible ways to resolve the issue

1. Reboot your device: One of the best possible way to fix battery drainage issue can be rebooting your device. However, you will have to reboot your Nexus 5 whenever you are going to use camera apps such as Skype or Snapchat which is not going to be easy.

2. Uninstalling Skype: There are rumors that there might be bug in Skype which may be accessing the camera from background, though nothing is confirmed yet. It is best to uninstall Skype from your device, till the bug is solved. Most of us use Skype every day to interact with our friends and family, time to look out alternatives for Skype.

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