How To Fix iOS 7.1 Battery Life Problems


Apple launched iOS 7.1 brought bugs fixes, enhancement along with new features such as CarPlay. However, the latest iOS software update brings reduced battery life after upgrading to iOS 7.1.

As per reports many users are reporting that iOS 7.1 has lead to reduced battery life. Here are few tips and tricks to improve battery life of iOS devices after upgrading to iOS 7.1.

iOS 7.1 battery issues

Tips to fix iOS 7.1 battery issues after upgrade

1. Restart/Reset iOS device:

Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for few seconds till the Apple logo appears to restart device.

To reset your iOS device go to Tap Settings >> General >> Reset >> Tape Reset All Settings

Restarting or doing a reset may solve your issue.

Save battery life of android.1

2. Disable/Enable Location Services:

Go into Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services and disable location services for all apps. You can easily locate apps which are draining battery life by turning on location services for apps one by one.

3.Turn off background App Refresh:

It is better to turn-off services which are not required so that you can improve battery life of your device.

Go to Settings >>General >> Background App Refresh >> Tap to disable.

4. Disable App Store Automatic Updates:

If you don’t want to update your apps automatically, better disable it.

Go to Settings >> iTunes and App Store >> Automatic Downloads >> Tap to disable Updates.

5. Turn off Push Notifications:

Go to Settings >> Notifications >>Turn off any app you want to turn off push notifications for.

6. Battery Maintenance by draining battery regularly:

On regular basis it is advisable to completely battery of your iOS device once in a month. Drain the battery till your device shuts down by itself and then charge it to 100%. It will help to calibrate the battery indicator.

6. Re-install iOS 7.1 via iTtunes As per ZedNet, re-installing iOS 7.1 through iTunes as compared to OTA helps in resolving battery drainage issue.

Few other battery saving tips

Dim down the screen brightness.
Disable Bluetooth when not required.
Disable Wi-Fi when not in use.
Set Auto-lock of your device when not in use between 1 minute to 5 minutes.

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