Tips To Fix Wet iPhone


iPhone is one of the most desired gadget with amazing features but what if you accidentally drop your iPhone in water? No need to panic as you can try few handy tips to save your iPhone from getting damaged if it gets wet.

Tips to fix wet iPhone:

1. If you have dropped your iPhone in water the first thing which you should do is that take your iPhone from water immediately and turn it off fast so that the moisture does not cause more damage.To turn off iPhone hold Power button >> Power off and don’t turn it on or plug it.

2. Remove battery, SIM Card from iPhone and dry water using a soft towel or a hearing aid dryer.Set hearing aid dryer at low as too much of heat can cause further damage.

3. Dry iPhone by burying into a bowl filled with uncooked rice for at least 2 days.Rice will remove the excess moisture left.It is one of the effective tip tried by many to remove moisture from wet iPhone.You can also put your wet iPhone in a bag filled with Silica Packets for about 2 days as they suck moisture.

4. After iPhone gets dry you can restart it to see if it is working fine.

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If the above mentioned tips are unable to fix your wet iPhone then you should contact local Apple Store for a replacement.You can get a refurbished iPhone in exchange or can ask to repair your iPhone but you will have to pay shipping and handling charges.

Burying iPhone in uncooked rice bowl has fixed wet iPhone issue for many.You can try and see if it works for other smartphones.

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