Flappy Bird is Dead- 5 Best Alternatives to Download Instead


The Mobile sensation Flappy Bird has been taken down by developer Dong Nguyen. If you are looking forward to fill in the loss because of Flappy Birds, there are plenty of mobile games to choose from.

The developer Don Nguyen was making whopping $50,000 a day before decided to take it down from App Stores. Users who had downloaded Flappy Bird while it was available in App Store can play on their devices. The developer removed the game over the weekend, he said that “I can call Flappy Bird is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.”

Flappy Bird Alternatives

Flappy Bird alternatives for you.

1. Iron Pants: Iron Pants is currently the best alternative to Flappy Bird. The game is available for a free download for both iOS and Android devices. The game replaces the bird with a caped superhero and wooden boxes instead of pipes. Using one-touch control, one hero and one goal, you will have to guide Iron Pants to overcome obstacles.

2. Tiny Bird: If you miss playing Flappy Bird on your smartphone, tablet no worries play Tiny Bird on your Pebble smartwatch. Tiny Bird is now available in the Pebble appstore for free. The game similar to the original Flappy Bird, you will have to guide Tiny Bird through pipes to see how far you can make the Bird stay in air.

3. Flappy Flying: Flappy Flying is another action arcade game which is a copycat to the original game. The game is simple to play, flap your wings to control beautiful bird. Tap to flap, avoid pipes and beat your own record. The game can be downloaded for Android for free from Google Play.

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4. Clumsy Bird: Clumsy Bird comes with better graphics and it uses Angry Birds look-alike of Rovio. You will have navigate through a forest because the bad dragons have stolen the Clumsy Bird’s precious eggs. You have to fly those birds unharmed and get eggs. Go ahead and download the game for free from Google Play on your Android.

5. Fly Birdie: Fly Birdie is available for iOS devices and is another free addictive play which you can play. Your goal is to tap and make the birdie fly without hitting obstacles. You will have to make a purchase of $0.99 for pack of three lives to start with.

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