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From among the various advertising mediums available today, classified ad websites are gaining increasing popularity. Great savings, huge exposure and instant response are the main features which help online classified advertising score over the conventional mediums. Just as the advent of online shopping prompted small businesses to step into the market even with their limited resources, classified ad websites encouraged them by providing them with low cost advertising solutions for promoting their products and services. In fact, many sites even offer free posting of online classifieds. These sites also help the businesses in reaching out to their niche customers across geographical borders. For a Delhi-based small business this means that by posting online classified ads Delhi will no longer be the only market it can cater to. Another feature recommending the use of online classifieds is their fast action, be it posting of the ad or contact by interested party.

One precaution to be taken while posting free classified ads is to ensure that you use a safe, secure, reliable and high traffic site. You can consider advertising on Since its launch in 2006, it has established a presence in more than 98 countries and can be accessed in 40 languages. For the user ‘on the go’, OLX offers easy access on smart phones. A simple form on the site guides the free of cost posting of your self-generated ad. You have the option of adding a picture of your product to enhance the visual appeal of the ad and create more interest. You can also put in your contact number in your ad to facilitate direct and immediate contact by the potential buyer. While posting, you need to specify the category the product belongs to and its location too. This helps in city targeting of the ad. So, if you specify Delhi as the location for your ad, anyone searching for ads Delhi will be able to view it.

OLX gives you regular feedback by sending you emails of the comments left on your ads by the site users. It also helps in enhancing the exposure garnered by your ad by displaying it on the profiles you have on Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites. There is a feature ‘My OLX’ which enables you to create an account and monitor your site activity. The facility of ‘Featured Ads’ allows you to get heightened exposure for your ad in lieu of a nominal weekly fee. You can get up to 20 times enhanced visibility for your ad by having it placed on highly visible areas like the home page, and at the top of the listings and the search results. Use the ‘Tools & Widgets’ to have an OLX ad embedded on a website or blog, or to get its flyer printed.

The site has distinct categories of Vehicles, For Sale, Matrimony, Jobs, Real Estate, Community, Services and Classes under which all the ads are listed. The city or location is another filter that helps in searching for an ad on OLX. Accordingly, anyone interested in Real Estate ads Delhi need not look through all the Real Estate ads. OLX has special features for big users. High traffic websites can also use the site and enter into a partnership with it to give its vast audience the benefit of co-branded classified advertising experience. Posting of a huge number of classified ads is made easy by submitting them through data feeds.

Online classifieds indeed take advertising to new heights. And an attractively laid out, easy to use classified ad website like is understandably finding great popularity among buyers as well as sellers.


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