10 Free Tools For Website Speed Test

Website speed is something which webmasters should take into consideration as Google is taking site loading speed into consideration while ranking websites and Website speed has a huge impact on SEO. Reducing page load time can decrease bounce rate and eventually increase conversion rate of your site.

Here is the list of free tools to test your website speed. The tools provide you a detailed information about the load speed of your site and also provide possible suggestions for improvement.

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Free Tools For Website Speed Test

1. Pingdom: Pingdom tests the loading speed of your website across multiple locations globally in different browsers. Find detailed analysis of file sizes and loading time of webpage and sort and filter the list to find the issues.

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2. PageSpeed Insights: PageSpeed Insight analyzes your website and provides suggestions to reduce the load time. It provides you with “should fix” and “consider fixing” recommendations along with tips to tackle the problem. Results for both desktop and mobile platforms are available.

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3. GTmetrix: GTMetrix is one of the best tool to test website speed. It uses PageSpeed and YSlowtests to grade your website speed and provides tips to fix the load time issue. It also has feature of Playback Page Loads with Videos which pinpoints the exact issue regarding load time.

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4. YSlow: YSlow
after analyzing a webpage suggests the reasons as to why it is why it is slow which is based on Yahoo!’s rules for high performance web sites and also offers suggestions for improvement.

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5. WebPagetest: The tool lets you to test your website loading time from multiple locations globally using different browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari. With this tool you can run simple tests or advanced tests which includes multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking.

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6. OctaGate SiteTimer: OctaGate SiteTimer tests the loading speed of your website and provides results in a bar graph.

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7. Load Impact: Load Impact tests the speed of your website via simulated traffic across different locations. The site tests the speed of website of millions of users. With free account you can run 5 tests a month and for others you will have to upgrade to a premium account. It is good for large websites.

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8. Which Loads Faster: Which loads faster is great tool which lets you to compare website loading time of two websites simultaneously. You can compare performance of your site with your competitor and get an edge by improving your website load time.

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9. Gomez Networks: Gomez Networks tool lets you to perform a real-time test instantly for an individual Web page to test its performance from an external node location.

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10. Web Page Analyzer: Webpage Analyzer is a simple tool to test speed of your website. Simply enter a URL to get page size, page composition and download time of page. After analysis it provides you suggestions to improve website page speed.

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