6 Best Free Winamp Alternatives Worth Trying


Looking for Winamp alternative? Below listed are five of the best free music players you should consider. Winamp is shutting down on 20th December by AOL, the shutdown will not have an immediate effect on Winamp installations of users and will work fine. New updates of Winamp will, however, be not released, which means that bugs or security issues will not be fixed anymore.

Here Are Free Winamp Alternatives For You

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1. Media Monkey: MediaMonkey is one of the best Winamp alternative which helps you to organize large music library. It has support for various audio formats such as WAV, FLAC and OGG apart from MP3 and AAC. Like Winamp, Media Monkey also supports plug-ins and skins. You can identify tracks, rename and tag music, play and burn audio files.

2. Foobar2000: Foobar2000 has is simple, customizable and easy to use free music player. It has support for major audio formats which includes MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, Gapless playback, ripping audio CDs, ReplayGain, tagging, customizable keyboard shortcuts and third party plugin support.

3. MusicBee: MusicBee is a good free alternative to Winamp which lets you to organize a large music library. It allows you to add custom tag, find information online about the artist you are listening to, supports plugins and other customization, become DJ of your own party.

4. AIMP3 : AIMP has an interface which resembles Winamp a lot. It supports all popular music formats, supports plugins, has 18-band graphics equalizer with extra built-in sound effects, search files to open playlists, can be used by more than one user on the same computer, local and global hotkeys, supports Internet Radio and more. You will never regret using AIMP on your computer!

5. iTunes: Without any doubt Apple’s iTunes is one of the most used music player by most. Apple’s iTunes lets you to play local music files, stream music, sync data between devices. With its integrated store you can easily purchase music, books, movies, TV shows and apps. However, lately iTunes has become bloated, try free iTunes alternatives.

6. Xbox Music: If you are a Windows 8 user or above Xbox Music is worth trying. Search for songs by artists, create and save playlists, listen to songs offline after downloading, subscribe to Xbox Music Pass for unlimited access to music. Xbox Music is also available to iOS devices and Android for free.

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Windows Media Player can also be a free Winamp alternative! Do share if you are using any other free alternative to Winamp!

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