Get Whatsapp Free for Lifetime on your Smartphone


Whatsapp, popular Instant Messaging app is free only for 1 year and and after that you will have to pay a small sum of $0.99 annually. Want to make your whatsapp free for lifetime? Go through the guide below to get whatsapp free for lifetime on iPhone or Android.

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Get Whatsapp free for lifetime

Whatsapp is free only for 1 year, so when your trial period is over delete your Whatsapp Account from your iPhone or Android.


Open your Whatsapp account.
Go to the “settings” options
Click on the account settings.
Enter your “mobile number” when prompted and click on “Delete my account”.
With your Whatsapp Account deleted, you are no more on whatsapp.
Open whatsapp again and register once more by entering phone number on your device.
Once registered, your free trial period is extended.
Check the expiry date by going to “settings” then click on “account” and “payment info”.


Uninstall whatsapp from your iPhone/Android
Install it again from Apple’s App Store/Google Play.
Create your whatsapp account and get a free trial.

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Do you use Whatsapp on your smartphone? Get Whatsapp free for lifetime!

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