Hide/Snooze Webpages In Chrome To Use Later


Most of the time we open too may tabs in our browser while surfing web which becomes difficult to manage. You can bookmark webpages to refer later, however it is not easy to remember that you have you bookmarked a particular webpage. If you have to work with multiple tabs open on your browser and don’t want to close them, give Page Snooze for Google Chrome a try.

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Page Snooze, is cool Google Chrome extension which lets you to hide inactive tabs for weeks, days or so on once installed and will again push the tab into your browser when the set time is up.

Page Snooze

You will have to install Page Snooze extension on your Google Chrome browser and it will appear as an icon in your toolbar. If you want to snooze any webpage click on the Page Snooze icon on your browser and the webpage will be snoozed for one week by default,you cannot change that time limitation.

Page Snooze.1

However, if you want to snooze a page for a particular time interval. Right-click on the webpage you want to snooze and select the time interval for which you want to snooze- one week , few days or couple weeks. The tab automatically goes to snoozed links queue.

Snooze Page.2

If you want to remove snoozed tab, go to the snoozed links and simply delete it.

Go ahead and try Page Snooze for Google Chrome to hide/snooze webpages for a particular time.

Link- Download Page Snooze extension for Google Chrome

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