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Keeping track of inventory at home is very important. However, can you remember all the items you have at your home? Remembering all the things you have at home is next to possible.

You might think why to track home inventory? Home inventory is required for insurance , God forbid, if a disaster strikes like Hurricane, fire or other and you don’t have an inventory. It will be very difficult for you to to remember what you find about your lost possessions. Hence, you will not be able to get the right insurance claim from your insurance company. Have you tried going through best Android Office Apps?

Keeping a track of home inventory is also required when you want to clean your house, by disposing old and unused items.

An inventory list will include description of items, photos or video, date of purchase, receipt number and any other information required.

By using smartphone apps you can simplify the who task of tracking home inventory. We will be going through some of the best home inventory apps for smartphones.

home inventory apps

1. Nest Egg: Nest Egg for iOS devices is a powerful app which lets you to store data about your old and new purchases with photos and other required information like warranty, renewal date and expiry dates. The app has an easy to use interface where you can by organize home items by categories and sub-categories or by locations so that it is convenient for you to know where are things. With barcode scanning the app scans all the items and creates a list so that you are aware of items which you have at home. The app can be downloaded for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store.

2. MyHome Lite: MyHome Lite is free Android app which lets you to protect your inventory list using a password. The app has feature such as a setup wizard so that you can start entering inventory quickly. You get report on your inventory in PDF format. Like Nest Egg it has support for Barcode Scanner, but it requires you to install a Barcode Scanner. To avail full features it is good to upgrade to MyHome PRO.

3. Allstate Digital Locker: Allstate Digital Locker is a free app which supports web app, iOS devices and Android. To use the app you will be required to sign-up for a free Digital Locker account and start entering your items and the data is stored in secured servers, hence you don’t need to worry about privacy and security. You can also export your inventory in CSV file.

4. Know Your Stuff Home Inventory: Know Your Stuff Home Inventory app is available for iOS as well as Android devices for free by Insurance Information Institute. Easily create and update home inventory and access your inventory anywhere with secure online storage.

5. Home Gallery: Home Gallery app by Liberty Mutual lets you to take photos, add each item by scanning, list items by category/room, browse gallery of inventory and more.

The app is quite useful for users who have multiple homes. The app can be downloaded for free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Have you tried home inventory apps for smartphones?

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