How Do You Look Online?


Online the world can see almost anything about you, from the football game you frequented last week to the way you brush your hair. As it is easy to look awesome online, it is also easy for your image to be tarnished. As a professional you are not always going to be able to please everyone 100% of the time. Because of this you are also going to be indebted to their take on your image. If you have done something that others feel is wrong then they will be able to let the world know it. Now all anyone has to do is Google your name and it pulls up your dirty laundry extremely quickly.

Your reputation should be important to you whether you are a large or small business or an individual. There are companies out there that understand you have the right to own yourself online and offline. They specialize in protecting your information. You may not be aware of it, but many people can locate your birth records, address, phone numbers, social media accounts and personal information if they know how to navigate the Internet. Plus, it’s not hard to learn how that should alarm you.

Everyone should have control over their online reputation. It’s the worldwide web, and when you are tarnished there it can be hard to escape it. Facebook, for instance, has changed its privacy settings and you probably never even knew it.They have changed the way that they used to tag people in photographs, trying to keep up with Google+ who has more stringent privacy practices. This is a positive change, but again most people are not very aware of the changes that are taking place daily on social media sites and the web in general. Most, if not all, of these affect your performance and reputation online.

Google can easily find ow for theories. It’s easy, and an quick example of this is to type your own name int he search bar. The Internet will not pick up only good things, it scours for your name everywhere. So everything and anything will come up and be prepared for that. You can be a great person but the information that someone else has broadcast about you on the Internet could contradict that and consequently inform others that you are not as great a person as once thought. Responding to the information there can actually cause you more harm. That’s why you need the guidance of people in the industry, who know the color and the shape of reputation management


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