How To Do Content Migration In SharePoint


Montreal based software development firm Sharegate has released a new version of Sharegate SharePoint migration tools which includes import/export to Excel before migrating, extract PDF properties and assign as metadata, migrate SharePoint custom columns and SharePoint 2007 Content Type Workflows.

Content migration in SharePoint is not easy as you are required to add metadata, permissions, content types, new fiels and much more. But with Sharegate SharePoint migration tools you can complete the entire task in short time.

Sharegate SharePoint migration tools

To use Sharegate you don’t need to install anything on your server, just download the tool, activate your license, connect to your SharePoint site and you are ready to work. The tool has support of SharePoint versions 2003 to 2013 and currently you migrate content for free to SharePoint 2013 till 1st of January, 2013.

Let us go through the features:

Copying files to SharePoint is just drag and drop, users can drag and drop the files and folders to copy in easy UI, apply content types and metadata for bulk uploading of files at the same time, replace illegal characters in filenames which are not been supported by SharePoint, you also can preserve the information which you have modified, track errors of your migrated files and more.

Know how to copy documents from SharePoint librairies with Sharegate

Talking about the new feature of Import/Export to Excel before migrating content requires you to fill required details in Excel sheet which you want to be used while migrating content. The feature enables you to bulk edit list item or document properties using Excel, tag list items and documents automatically and it lets users to tag all the documents from eg. sales folder to be tagged as sales.

To know more about the tool you can opt for the trial version, the paid version of the tool is also available for a download which is worth.

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