How To Run APK Android Apps with ARC Welder on PC/Mac


Want to run Android Apps on PC/Mac? You can now easily run Android Apps on PC/Mac via a google chrome extension dubbed as ARC welder. There are many third party emulators like BlueStacks which lets you to run Android Apps on PC/Mac, however, we will be using ARC Welder on PC or Mac.

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How to Run APK Android Apps with ARC welder on PC/Mac

1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC or Mac.

2. Download ARC welder here and click on add to Chrome.

run apps android using arc welder

3. Go to Google Play Store on Google Chrome and select the application which you want to download and copy the URL from the address bar of browser.

select app from google play to download

4. Now, head over to Apk downloader site here and paste the URL which you have copied from Google Play on the box and click “Generate Download link”.

generate download link

5. Click to download the generated link.

click to download

6. Launch ARC Welder on your Mac or PC.

launch arc-welder

7. In the next screen choose any empty folder to write files in ARC welder.

choose folder for arc-welder

8. Click on “Add your APK” and browse the APK APK which you downloaded.

add you apk

9. Select the options from “Orientation”, “Form factor” and “Clipboard Access” and then click “Launch Apps”.

launch apk apps on arc-welder

You have successfully downloaded Android App using ARC Wilder on your PC or Mac.

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