How To Install Android On PC Or Laptop


Android is one the most widely used OS of Google.Installing Android OS in desktop or laptop would be a great idea.Isn’t it?

Steps to be followed to install Android OS on PC or Laptop

To run Android on your PC you will need USB flash drive.

1.In the first step download android Android from android-x86-1.6-r2.iso

2. Download UNetbootin.UNetbootin is available for Windows,Linux or Mac OS.

3. Run the downloaded UNetbootin file in your PC or Laptop.

4. Click on Diskimage and choose the path where you downloaded Android iso file.

5. After installation is complete you will be asked to reboot your system now or exit.

6. Reboot your computer with the USB drive and select the option “Live CD” which runs Android-x86 without installation.

7. After following the above step soon you will find Android OS on your PC or laptop 🙂

You can now install and enjoy Android apps on your PC or Laptop.

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