Enable And Use iOS 10 Magnifier On iPhone- Step By Step Guide


Are you aware of the Magnifier feature in iOS 10? Well, Magnifier feature is hidden in the Accessibility Settings in iOS 10 which turns your iPhone camera into a magnifying glass so that you can reading of printed text becomes easier.

Find how to enable and use Magnifier feature in iOS 10 on iPhone.

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Enable Magnifier feature in iOS 10 

Launch Settings App on your iPhone.

Tap on General.

Now, tap on Accessibility.

enable magnifier ios 10



Tap on Magnifier and toggle the switch to ON.


magnifier ios 10


enable magnifier ios 10 in accessibility




Use Magnifier in iOS 10 on iPhone

To use Magnifier you will have to Triple-click Home button.

You can now use the camera of your iPhone to read the text. To adjust magnifier you will have to drag the circular button from left to right and right to left to increase and decrease the size of the text respectively.

use magnifier in ios 10


Turn on flash by tapping on lightning bolt icon on the left side.

tap on electric bolt icon to turn on flash


You can change color by tapping on the small icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

change color in magnifier in ios 10


You also have the option to inverse colors and select colors such as Yellow/Blue, Grayscale, Red/Black and more.

inverse colors in magnifier ios 10


Magnifier in iOS 10 is a handy feature available for those who have difficulty in reading. Have you tried using Magnifier in iOS 10 on iPhone?


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